Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix Chili

There is one thing I learned a while back - if something works well, don't mess with it. Take chili as an example. I make a really good pot of chili - if I may say so myself. It took a while to figure it out, but once I did - check.

Yesterday my DH sent me an email saying, "Look at this - a great chili recipe. We should try it."  The first hint of trouble that I ignored was that it was from the New York Times Food Section. The second was that recipe came complete with its own video. 

But being a team player and having a good attitude I was game. The list of ingredients was fairly long but I had most of them. Those I did not I picked up. I printed the recipe off, prepped all my ingredients and started. The first step was heating the coriander and cumin seeds. After that they needed to be ground in the mortar and pestle. And so it went. I was very careful to follow the directions. 

After everything was chopped and browned, the ingredients added together and cooked slowly for two hours I had a pot of not very thick spicy stew. What the heck? I pulled up the video. According to it I had followed the directions exactly, it even used the same Le Creuset pots I used (a total coincident). So I added some masa (corn flour) to thicken it and let it simmer some more. 

This had been a four and a half hour ordeal. Hopefully my DH would appreciate all the time spent as well as the dirty pots, spoons, bowls, knives, and cutting boards that I finally had cleaned and put up. Just as I was happy with the chili and ready to serve it, my DH sent me text. He had been delayed and would not be home until late - he added, don't hold up supper for him, he'd pick something up. 

So what was I doing? Never mind, like I said, I make a real good pot of chili and I do not need a video or the New York Times to help. 

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