Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Fine Print

I hate the "Fine Print". Now that I have launched into my great job hunt, I am finding more and more "fine print". There are a plethora of job aggregating websites out there. Yes, each one "Promises" a job for everyone. 

"Looking for a job as a full time registered Lab Technician? Here is a job that matches your background perfectly in North Dakota. Oh, that doesn't work, well try this job as a part time ditch digger - think of all the time you will have with your family." 

OK, I exaggerate but not by much. I was looking for a position as an Executive Administrative Assistant and when the search engine could not find one that matched my criteria, they offered me a job as a seasonal worker at Lowes in their lighting department. I missed the segway.

Never leaving any stone unturned I registered with several of these web sites. Suddenly I started getting phone calls. But not about jobs - even those watering plants, laying pipe, or bagging burgers.  These were calls asking if I wanted to further my education? Uh, no. I want a job.

This is where the fine print comes into play. At the very bottom of each home page, in very small print was some gibberish about continuing education opportunities. Of course to opt out, you needed to check this teeny tiny box. Obviously, I had failed to see the tiny box.

After fielding phone calls from four folks most concerned about my education, I finally had managed to tell each that at this point in my life my focus was employment and to please remove me from any calling list they had me on concerning education unless it concerned a position of suitable employment at an institution of higher learning.

Being wary, I applied to one more. The first screen promised access to "The Largest Listing of Available Jobs". The second screen asked a few questions; name, address, work history, education, and then (very slyly) when pressing "Submit" you had to pay attention. There was a large red SUBMIT button that, in very fine print indicated by pressing it I was authorizing a mortgage company to do a preliminary credit check on me and call with financing offers. Of course just below that was a grey button that said NO and in fine print, "I do not not want to participate in this offer, please just submit the information I have completed.

The following screen asked questions about my job preferences. Once again there was a large red SUBMIT button that in very fine print indicated by pressing it I was authorizing a vinyl siding company to visit my home and prepare an installation estimate. And then there was the grey NO button that stated, "No I do not want to participate in this offer, but please submit my information." 

And the last screen asked for information concerning location preference and past salary history. Once again there was a large red SUBMIT button, with fine print stating "Yes I authorize you to submit my resume to this employer as an application for the job." Next to it was a grey NO button that in fine print stated, "No, I am not ready to submit my job application yet, but I am very interested in having someone call me concerning furthering my education."  

Well, I guess the assumption is if you do not have your information correct then you need more education? I could not find that anywhere in the fine print.

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