Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Great Job Hunt

The great job hunt begins. The end of my unemployment sabbatical is near. Reality has come. 

Now what?

Everything I read says that at my age I should find a job doing something I enjoy, an occupation that makes me look forward to my work day. Personally at this time I find it hard to believe something like that exists. I have spent several days researching different career opportunities that match my qualifications. None thrill me. All seem hum drum. And worse than that, I question my confidence.

This all does not bode well for my future. I may be bagging groceries after all (the one job I always felt I could fall back on.) But then Oh God! at my age now that may no longer be an option, I may have moved on to the age of being a greeter at Wal-mart. I am serious, it is a paycheck. 

I love to travel, but I fear it is too late to be a stewardess (or now in our PC world "Flight Attendant"). Obviously photography comes to mind, but I cannot shoot people (as in take photos of them) and I am nowhere even close (to even thinking about the possibility) of being in the category of those good enough for the National Geographic which is basically where the money is. Or for a news service and I have no desire to work in a war zone.

I'm not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief (and it is a little late to go to med school, law school, and I am not of Native American descent.) And I think I can cross off Butcher, Baker, and Candle Stick Maker. 

So here I sit like a bird in the wilderness waiting trying to figure out what I want to when I grow up. Growing up is so over rated.

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