Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Can You Twist, Train, and Shop?

In pouring through job ads, my eyes often start to cross. There are the posts for Project Managers, Business Analyst, Executive Assistants, etc. I have learned that the new term for "File Clerk" is "Administrative Assistant". 

In reading through the 5th web site of the day (all with listings tailored to my search criteria) I noticed some interesting positions added at the bottom of the list. Honest to God these are the listings that came up on my search criteria:

Wanted: Balloon Artist; Balloon art type: Simple balloon twisting (eg 1-balloon dog), using several balloons.

Wanted: Dog Trainer; One German Shepard to be trained; issues such as ptsd, depression, and anxiety; puppy is 1 week old.

Wanted: Wardrobe Consultant for 51-60 year old who has changed size, need assistance in shopping for new work clothes.

After reading those I wasn't sure if I had risen to the top or sank to the bottom. And, the sad thing was I was not remotely qualified for two of them and I could only wing the third one on my best day.

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