Monday, February 23, 2015

Post Mortem of the Oscars

Shoot me that I am one of the few movie goers not enthralled with the genius behind Birdman. That I failed to see Micheal Keaton's true incredible talent playing an actor that the industry wants to sideline - whatever! Hoda Kotb on NBC (who I know little about) commented this morning that she also found the movie confusing when she saw Thomson (Keaton's character) making objects move through mental telepathy and seeing him just hovering in the air. Finally someone speaking sense about the film. 

75%, or some such number, of movie goers polled thought American Sniper should have been Best Picture. (But who are they - just the movie going public who pays the box office.) After all it only grossed as much as all the other 7 Best Picture nominees put together. So what if you didn't get the cult quality of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. He has been producing such gems for years with the same brilliant cast given little recognition until this year. And was the song from Selma really the Best Song or a sentimental favorite behind a worthy cause?

Best Actor? In any other year Benadict Cumberbatch's work in The Imitation Game, Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, or Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher would have blown away the competition. Think about it, the talent shown by Steve Carell in such a serious demented role as opposed to his comic work in The Office?

Best Supporting Actress? True I did not see Boyhood, but I did see Wild, and I find it hard to believe that anyone could have topped Laura Dern's performance as Bobbi, the single mother in Wild. 

Yes, I am but a voice crying in the wilderness and I realize the Academy recognizes their own. I'm not sure whether it is incest or blindness. Which ever the case, we are lucky to have an industry that produces the quality of work (for the most part) that we do. I only hope those who continue to put forth brilliant performances only to come up 2nd or 3rd to much less, or worse not even get a nod, realize that the public, who buy the tickets and fill the seats, enjoy their work and appreciate their talent. After all isn't the point to entertain your audience more so than impress your peers. If we don't buy the tickets, they will have to roll up the red carpet. 

And speaking of the red carpet, the most idiotic tweet I read from last night concerned someone's whining of their disappointment that Joan Rivers' work was not recognized during the ceremony. Excuse me? Yes, she was a brilliant comic, but since when does the Academy start giving honorary Oscars for catty comments about gowns none of us will ever wear, most of us never see, and few of us will ever remember.

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