Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Games Have Begun

My strategy in Monopoly was to buy the Green properties (Pacific, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina) and the Brown properties (Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues). I saw them as good values. The railroads never seemed worth the effort. In Chess I preferred to work with my Bishops. And, in Trivial Pursuit I knew to stay far away from Science and Technology, given my debacle in Freshman biology. Bottom line - I love games. But I digress.

So let's play word association games. If I say "Furry Pet", you may say "Dog". I say "Romantic Holiday", you may correctly respond "Valentine's Day". Simple game. In the world of employment - not so much. 

Following the directions when completing the job search criteria form in order to avoid having to wade through 100's of jobs that do not apply to me (as the instructions said).  I entered "Administrative Executive Assistant" into the search criteria. After all I do not want to spend hours scrolling through job announcements I am either not qualified for, or worse, am not interested in.  The initial matches that come up: Home Maintenance Assistant (sounds like code for "house wife" to me), Marketing Communications Assistant (ie telemarketer), Company Truck Driver - No Experience Needed, and the winner: Uber Car Driver. 

Even if the search were to just focus on each word individually of my initial cirteria, my education, imagination, and game skills do not prepare me to get the association between "Administrative Executive Assistant" and "Uber Car Driver". Perhaps it is true, those of us with experience and over the age of 50 are no longer suited for the job market. We don't get it. 

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