Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Grass is Always Greener

At what point are you put out to pasture? When is life as you know it over? For years, at age 65, you had done your time, you were given your gold watch and sent home. Those in the upper crust took the golden parachute and sailed into the sunset to enjoy a life of foreign travel, rounds of golf, and that new sports car. The grass was truly greener, the gate was opened, and the mature generation was free to roam.

But I feel like many us have been climbing the hill for years looking at the green pasture, knowing that gate was just ahead, only to find now there is no gate, just a barbed wire fence. Oh, those with the golden parachutes sail safely over it - no matter their age. Those with gilded names were born with a key so they never had to worry about the gate.

Many of my friends for years often commented they did not want to be put out to pasture. Sign me up, I'll hand in my bridle and you can have the reigns. I long for the green pastures. 

But never mind that, the want ads beckon. 

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