Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Good Selection Always - When Avalable

Anyone who knows us knows we do not go anywhere without a visit to some pet emporium being on the agenda. This most recent trip to Atlanta being no exception. My DH wanted me to see a fairly large pet store that carried an array of animals from creepy crawly critters to fish to screeching Macaws. Sweet little finches were somewhere in the mix. And this store had touted a good selection of exotic and different types of finches.

So when we had time we made our way to north Atlanta. As we drove up the store looked promising. It was a stand alone establishment in a nice stuccoed building with a gravel parking lot. I been dragged into big box stores, mom and pop places, dirty stores, clean shops, and small hole in the walls. Some of these I feared before we entered someone would peak through a hole in the door and my DH would need to state "Joe sent me" before the door would open. The security measure being their insane fear of the Federal Fish and Game Department and a "small"  issue these folks ran into several years back concerning some rare and exotic purple livered Amazonian pond slider that one of them accidentally on purpose put in his suitcase on the way home from Brazil. Of course explaining how 27 of them got into his luggage was another story. But I digress.

When we entered the store yesterday I found that, alas, this fell into the middle category of pet stores - those operating above the law but not concerned about clean floors and dusted shelves. One thing going for them - they had inventory. They had inventory everywhere - stacked on every shelf, lined up against all the walls, even in some cases in racks hanging from the ceiling. And there were cages, tanks, enclosures, stands, and animals everywhere. A large tortoise roamed the store as if he were foraging for food. Several birds sat on perches and squawked each time you passed just to make sure they were not ignored.

After going from room to room (there were several) we found the bird room. I looked at the wall of finch cages.  A fair number of finches were flitting around in the cages.  There were price lists on each cage. Having read the store's web site, I was hoping to find some more exotic birds to look at other than Zebras, Society, and Spice finches which are the standard fare for any pet store that carries finches.

I was enthused when one list noted, "Lavender Finches, Spice Finches, Owl Finches, Star Finches". Another one read, "Lady Gouldians". One against the far wall had a note that read, "Zebra Finches, Society Finches." A fourth cage was labeled "Green Singers".  When I peered into the cages I wasn't sure what I was looking at due to the dim lighting in the room.

I found the owner and asked him if he could show me the Owl Finches because I could not see them in the cage. He promptly started looking. After closely examining the cage marked "Owl Finches", he turned and said, "Oh they are not in there, they are in the cage up front." With that he took us up front and showed us the birds.

We returned to the Finch room and I asked him about the Lavender Finches. "Oh we don't have any of them."

"And, Star Finches?"

"No, don't have of those either."

I recognized the Green Singers and asked him a question about them. I have one who sings his little heart out but if I get him a mate he will no longer sing. We discussed the Lady Gouldians which I have 4 of and do not need any more.

Looking at the 7 or 8 cages of warbling birds and the answers to my inquires, I finally asked, "Well what do you have?" 

"Besides the Gouldians and 2 Singers? Oh, Spice, Society, and Zebra finches."

I guess this means "We have a good selection of exotic and different types of finches" can be interpreted at best as, "When the season is right, our inventory is flush, and the birds are available, we may possibly have a good selection."

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