Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Age Old Question

There is a certain "conversation" that I swear has been going on between spouses since the stone age - "Dear, what do you want for supper?" "I don't know". And then any spouse tasked with preparing the menu for that evening knows the prospects of success and happiness around the supper table are 50/50 at best. One more divine sign that God is a man. But I digress.

"You don't cook any more," an (incorrect) term I tire of hearing. 

Silently I thought 'tis hard to please someone with a habit of eating a sandwich mid-afternoon, therefore having no appetite at suppertime, or having that irksome response of "I don't know" to my question of "What would you like for supper?" Personally I see this as a lose lose proposition on my part.

Several days ago, somehow in conversation catfish stew came up. I knew what was coming. I was not disappointed. "I'd like some catfish stew. We haven't had any in a long while. Do you even know how to make it?" I responded that I liked it also and, yes, I did know how to make it."

So this weekend I made sure I had the ingredients for catfish stew on my grocery list and late Saturday afternoon started putting it all together. About 35 minutes into the process, my DH walked in the kitchen. "What are you making now?"

"Catfish stew."

"Well I wish I had known you were going to make that for supper. I would not have eaten that peanut butter sandwich just an hour or so ago. Oh well, I bet it will be better a day later as leftovers any way."

I just kept on my mission. In an hour or so my work was done and I served myself a bowl. 

My DH walked in the den, where I was enjoying my stew. "Well you didn't offer me any."

"You said you were not hungry."

"Well I need to at least taste it to make sure you made it correctly," he said with a smile.

A large bowl later, he pronounced it tasty. Now I do not have to consult my crystal ball or the bookies in Vegas to know that tomorrow night he will either not be hungry or, for once, have a specific request for supper other than the catfish stew - that he may or may not share with me prior to the meal. 

My next prediction - his complaint that we never eat leftovers.

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