Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fresh Scent Green is Too Blue

"While we are at it  . . ."

Why am I not surprised.

". . . we may as well paint the bathroom. The paint job [which I did 18 years ago] never was very good."

There was a discussion on colors and we both agreed on green. Perhaps there is a god after all. After looking at Benjamin Moore's color chart my faith in the Holy Father once again waned. "Apple lime cocktail" has too much yellow in it.  Well "Fresh scent green" is too blue. What about "Amazon moss"? That is awfully dark, don't you think. 

Finally a decision was made for "Richmond green" and my DH  went to the paint store to get a can of it. When he can back we got a small board and painted an area with the new paint. It was green. It was very green - very light green.

"That doesn't look exactly like the color we selected."

"No, that is way too light," my DH said. "What about this color green?" He said looking at the walls in our den.

"That is a teal and no, I do not want teal."

So back to the color chart we went. And after some discussion my DH pulled out "Amazon moss" which was very dark. "I do not want it this dark, but closer to this color. So ask them if they can re-tint the paint a darker green."


"Yes," my DH said, "I'm going to be out of town most of the day.

So I went to the paint store, paint can, piece of wood, and a page with "Amazon moss" printed on it in hand. After some discussion and looking at even more green paint chips Frank, our Benjamin Moore expert, took the can and went into the back to work his magic.

Soon he came out with a piece of paper. On it he had painted a small patch of the original green I had brought in, then the new green after he had tinted it. It was darker but not by much. So he went back to darken it more.

When he came out, the patch was a little darker but did not seem that much different to me. Then he took the painted board I brought in and painted part of the end with the new color. Now it looked entirely different. It was several shades darker and very close to what I had in mind. I thanked him and went home. 

I walked in the house to find another box of light fixtures, which like all the others we had received so far, did not match the faucets. And so it goes.

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