Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Great Purge and Restoration

Yesterday was the great purge; the migration of the fall clothes to the attic. No longer is my closet filled with the drab colors of browns, dull greens, and oranges. Funny how those colors were so welcome last September when I hoped bringing them forth from the attic would somehow hasten the coming of cooler weather. Be careful what you ask for! But I digress.

The fall clothes have been blessed for their long summers hibernation, folded neatly, and placed in their tubs. The tubs have been returned to their resting place. And like cocoons, when I open those tubs next September I find those drab colors have changed into the crisp fall colors I will need  to cheer me from my dog day misery. 

Whatever. Today my closet is full of bright colors. Lily Pulitzer would be happy. Although she is not represented (other than in spirit) her bright colors mingle among the navies that hope to someday be part of my working wardrobe. My pastel sweaters are neatly placed in the closet, organized by color. Yes, for several weeks I will be anal enough to keep that system going. After that I will question the wisdom of that folly.

This year I noticed a change in my clothes. I took them from their storage containers, laid them on my bed, and examined them for any holes (those pesky moths) or stains. Then I tried a few of the skirts on just to lighten my spirits. Alas, instead of the thrill of new clothes (well new to me - I have a short memory) it was the agony of tight zippers. The heat of the summer had caused my skirts to shrink. They seemed to be a size smaller. Horrors! The same thing had happened with my pants. It was the case for all of them. 

I thought back, over the many years this had never happened. How could the elements effect my clothes this year but years in the past. Then it dawned on me, the obvious, the elements had not effected my clothes, the elements had effected me. Mid life had taken its toll. Those three pounds had settled in an unfortunate place. And it was not pretty. 

My motto has always been when my clothes got too tight it was time to lose weight not buy new clothes. This was my sign. Well, this was my sign to either lose weight or adjust my motto. 

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