Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vortex and Bleach

As we stood looking at the bathroom which is extremely small, my DH commented. "I think it would make sense for us to take out those shower doors. They must have been original to the house (circa late 1950s) and are in horrible shape. Once we install this new sink it will only make them look worse. I think a shower curtain will do nicely."

My comment was, "The new sink will definitely make those old shower doors look worse."

The following morning I looked from my office to see my DH walking down the hall carrying the God awful shower doors. Huh, I thought, guess my comment about the new sink making the old doors look worse was translated into "Yes they need to go."

In moving the doors out everything on the floor in bathroom, the shelves under the sink, the corner shelf, magazine basket, etc had to be moved out. And where did it go? Into our bedroom - naturally. So what little free floor space we had in our bedroom was now filled with what had been removed from the bathroom.

It wasn't long before there was a shower rod and shower curtain hanging in the shower stall. The curtain looked much better than the old shower doors that were almost impossible to keep clean. Of course the area around the shower opening was a mess with the old caulk, dirt, and left over sealant remaining after the doors were removed. Plans were made to scrape all that off and re-caulk and seal any places missing grout.

The first time I went to take a shower I found that the air flow around the shower curtain created a vortex that caused the curtain to blow into the shower stall and stick to me as I was trying to bath. This was not going to do. When I commented about this my DH suggested that I figure out a way to have weights sewed into the bottom seam of the shower curtain. I could tell by his response that I was not being a "team player".

I spent an hour or two scraping the old grout and caulk off the tile and cleaning that area. My DH then recaulked and sealed any holes. The following day the shower was scrubbed with comet, rinsed and then washed with a clorox beach cleanser. After that dried my DH inspected it. "It needs to be bleached."

"It was just bleached."

"No, I mean with real bleach."

"That was real bleach. Just throwing liquid bleach in there is not going to do anything else. There are stains in the grout that may not come out. Remember this is over 60 years old."

"It still needs bleach."

We finally got past the bleach issue when he said, "Now here are some examples of light fixtures. This one is a brushed nickel but I think . . . "

I know they say it takes a village to raise a child but should it really take a new sink, cabinet, counter, faucet, shower head, and light fixture to fix a leak. Just saying.

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