Sunday, April 26, 2015

Look For the Bare Necessities

Four score and seven days ago, we tired of a leaky bathroom faucet and a plumber was called. 

He came and pronounced the entire faucet set needed to be replaced. He left and we told him we would call when we decided what we were going to do. Me, in my ignorance, assuming that meant select a faucet set that fit the sink, or worse case, replace the sink.

Forty five days later the plumber was called back to come "fix" the sink. With one day's notice he was here for several hours. His job was done. 

Granted Rome wasn't built in a day, but it only took God a week to create the world. Actually, he did it in six days. Given these facts, why I am still having to hang my towel on my closet door and step over paint cans as I enter our bathroom where the door is still AWOL, all the while carefully avoiding wet paint. Our 48 square foot bathroom is still not finished - let me rephrase that, that is much less than 48 square feet of floor space - given that foot print includes the shower, the vanity, and the commode. 

Fixing the leaky faucet has included a new commode, new vanity, new sink, new shower hardware, and new faucets. All of this, naturally, required new paint, a new mirror, new lighting, and a new fan. 

We are 42 days into this project - Habitat for Humanity constructs entire homes in less time. 

Apollo 11 made it to the moon and back, with a stop, in 8 days. We are fast approaching the critical point Apollo 13 faced, "Houston, we have a problem." 

But, I know it will be finished. Patience is a virtue. Every time I feel my temper rising I take solace in the fact that at least now I have an operational bathroom. Now, unlike several weeks ago, I can brush my teeth in my bathroom, carefully apply my wrinkle cream in the new mirror on the wall, and enjoy a nice shower with a new fixture - in antique bronze, no less.

In lieu flowers this year for Mothers Day, I simply ask that the bathroom door be rehung. I don't ask for much. At this point it is the simple pleasures, or the bare necessities I appreciate. Who knew I would ever yearn for a towel rack? I would ache for a spurned bath caddie? Or, my heart would flutter at the thought of a completely painted wall? 

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