Tuesday, April 7, 2015

With This Ring

I'll always try to keep you satisfied, 'cause, with this ring I promise I'll always love you.

A day or two ago I mentioned "Shower Curtain Weights". It was not in jest. Some folks really do come up with a better mouse trap, a widget. Well apparently the folks who came up with idea of the "Picnic Table Weights" also came up with "Shower Curtain Weights". I can just imagine the development process.

Sam and Wilma had attended the church picnic. Even on that windy afternoon none of the local Baptists, or at least the practicing ones that showed up for Homecoming knowing Mildred would have her famous fried chicken, were able to enjoy their good southern fare without fear of the table cloth blowing off the table. Sam and Wilma had brought their "Picnic Table Weights". And for this occasion, they had brought the ones that looked like little ants (and yes, there is that design).

When they returned home naturally Wilma wanted to take a shower. Jack had mowed the church's lawn the day before and the dust and grass clippings in that wind made her feel a little dirty. Sure would have been nice if Jack had used a grass catcher. But then he is tighter than Dick's hat ban and would never have spent the extra money for a grass catcher. While she taking her shower, as usual, the warm air created a vortex that caused the shower curtain to blow in and stick to her as she bathed. 

A little light bulb came to mind - that aha moment,  if we used the weights on picnic tables, we could certainly use them on a shower curtain. After she dressed she told Sam about her brain storm. Voila, their business was expanded, they were able to afford that new RV they wanted, and they lived happily ever after. 

I haven't a clue who came up with the idea about picnic table weights or shower curtain weights, but it was good story. Whatever, I digress.

However, let me just tell you who ever came up with shower curtain weights (or even picnic table weights for that matter) was brilliant. Maybe not brilliant or at least proved, once again, that someone can make a lot of money off a simple design without needing a degree from anywhere. When we added them to the bottom of our shower curtain, it simply took care of our problem. The simple silver circles just blend in. We passed on the ant design, after all they do not make them in antique bronze.

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