Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Light Up My Life

You give me hope, to carry on.

The plumber will be finishing up all he needs to do and the electrician will almost be finished.

Since everything has had to be out of the bath, my DH moved it all into our bedroom - naturally. Of course the other bath is a mess since everyone is now using that one. The kitchen is shipping and receiving for all the packages coming and going of fixtures, gee gaws, what nots, lights, fans, nobs, bars, etc - anything that my DH thought we may need in 5 colors and 3 sizes. 

The den is the staging area for everything that is being done. So there are boxes, tools, step ladders, and drop cloths scattered about. In my office I can only get to my desk by carefully negotiating a path from the door through the boxes of light fixtures (95% of which we have already ruled out). 

And, naturally when you have the plumber and the electrician coming through your house like this you feel as if your soul has been bared. I want stand there every time they come in the back door, offer them warm pie, and say, "I promise I do not live like this. I keep a better house." Of course only part of this would be the truth. The kitchen table always looks this bad. 

They are such nice folks and I know this is part of their job to see everyone's house upended. I am sure the plumber is used to seeing a toilet sitting in one's driveway for a day or two. Personally I found it a bit unnerving. All I could think of was, what if something horrible happens and people come over. This mess cannot be cleaned up, contained - God forbid hidden in a matter of hours. We are talking truck loads to the dump. I just don't have time for that now. Any personal disaster will just have to wait.

Then my DH asks me, "Can you go in the attic?"

I look at him. And he continues, "The electrician is going to need to get up there tomorrow to install the bathroom fans and can lights in the den. We need to make sure things are moved around up there so he can easily get to the parts of the attic he needs to."

Sure, I thought, let's just bare even more of my soul open. I go into the attic and quickly re-arrange all the Christmas boxes, moving them from one end to the other. Relocate the luggage from one side to the another. Then I realize that the area over the bathrooms has to be cleared. After I have managed to get that done I climb down. This should be the end.

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