Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aloha - A Movie Review

What can you say about a movie that Rotten Tomatoes gave a 20% and IMDB gave 5.3 out of 10? Well that depends on how much you rely on someone else to tell you what you would like to see. Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, and Rachel McAdams bring a lot of star power to the table in Aloha. Heck Bradley Cooper just with his blue eyes brings a lot to watch - but I digress. 

Yes, the critics panned the movie. OK, the critics bashed the film. But, I went anyway. I found the story enjoyable. Maybe the bar was set so low based on what I had heard that anything would be better than what I expected. Do critics expect something different from an all star cast? Whatever! I got my monies worth and you most likely will also if this is your type of story.

There are several story lines here. There is the boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy stands girl up. Then boy sees girl again and realizes what he missed. There is super star who fell from grace and joined the "gray side" (a quote from the movie) and now is on his way back. Then there is the go get'em spit fire girl so focused she finds herself blindsided by the rogue. And all of this revolves around privatizing the US space program. Have a lost you?

Cooper is remote, Stone is perky, McAdams is burdened, Baldwin is irate, and Murray is up to something. The Hawaiian gods need to be appeased, the military brass need to be satisfied, old wounds need to be healed, some need to realize that what they have is true love, some need to realize that true love is worth giving up a lot for, some need to learn the truth, and some need to learn they cannot get their way. 

Put all this together and it makes for an interesting story when the film is well cast, the story moves along without stumbling, and all the intertwining parts mingle correctly without getting knotted up. I cannot help it if some folks wanted more.

One caveat - there were many many reviewers who were up in arms that the movie was set in Hawaii with many Hawaiian characters, including Stone's character  whose father is half-Chinese and half-Hawaiian, none of whom were cast by ethnically correct actors. This was an issue.

All this said, I recommend this feel good movie. It is 105 minutes worth your time.

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