Friday, June 5, 2015

Band of Gold

"All that's left is a band of gold", several solitaires, and a sapphire ring missing a stone or two.  After a week of stressing over my damn rings I knew I needed to just make a decision. Just choose a design and go with it. Easier said than done, I was going to have to wear these everyday therefore I wanted to make sure I did not rue my choice each morning when I dressed.

Finally I went back to the jeweler. "I came to visit my rings and see how they are doing," I said in jest.

He laughed and said with a smile, "Well, let's just see. I know exactly where they are." That was reassuring.

He brought the envelope out and put the rings on the velvet mat. Looking at the jumble of jewelry before me I realized I was no more settled than I was on my last visit. However I was determined not to leave without a decision. Thankfully this gentleman had the patience of Job. Even more thankfully he wasn't charging by the hour for his consulting time.

He pulled out the proposed designs. After 20 minutes of "I really don't like this." "Well what if we were to do this?" "Oh,  I like that, but . . ." "Now, I can take these stones and  . . " "Oh I really like that. Can we add . . ." I finally came to rest on a design.

I would have my sapphire ring repaired. Then he would solder that sapphire ring, wedding band, and engagement ring together so they would no longer rub on each other and wear the gold. The final look would be no different than my just wearing the three rings together and if I changed my mind, they could easily be separated. The remaining solitaires could be soldered together on top each other. And, like my other 3, these could easily be separated without any damage to either ring.

I walked out with a feeling of accomplishment. Actually upon reflection I had accomplished nothing but 6 months of stress just to get the rings repaired, resized to fit, and put together to prevent them from wearing on each other. And I champion change - go figure.

The interesting thing will be when I get them back - how long it will be before my DH realizes that I am wearing them again - and that nothing has changed. Talk about much ado about nothing.

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