Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Awaiting the Blessing of Windows 10

The day has arrived - that day all computer geeks and those of us who made the mistake of upgrading our Windows 7 to OS8 have had circled in red on the calendar. Yes, Windows 10 is released today and the gods at Microsoft, well those at Microsoft who think they are gods, are sending down from above the new OS. And this OS is supposed to end all our problems. It is supposed to make the world better, our lives fuller, and bring peace to the workplace. Well, the last time I heard that was in 1985 when those brains in Atlanta introduced New Coke and see where that got them - just saying.

Personally I did not find Windows 8 so bad, but then I was upgrading from Vista that cruel and unusual operating system someone in the bowels of Microsoft was allowed to send forth into the world. It was a dark day. And Microsoft has spent many a day since trying get those demons back in the box.

David Poque, my personal IT guru (if you do not follow him on Yahoo, you should, he is the only worthwhile thing I have found on Yahoo yet) stated in his Thursday column last week that he is thrilled with Windows 10 but would wait 6 weeks or so before downloading it. Give it that much time for Microsoft to work out the bugs. Bugs? As if Microsoft ever had bugs in their systems? But I digress.

Back to this morning - my laptop was prepared for the download. Because I already had OS8 I was in line to get a free version of OS10 as soon as it was released. Like a child at Christmas I checked in early this morning to see the status of my upgrade. It was ready! Hurray! Then the status bar started running saying "Preparing for your upgrade". 

I know, I know, David Poque was sitting on my shoulder shaking his head reminding me, "Bugs. I hope you have a can of Raid because remember Microsoft is famous for them. I warned you." Whatever. This is bright and shiny and new. Everybody is talking about it and I want mine - now. (Patience never was one of my virtues.)

Four hours later I checked my status - still "Preparing for your upgrade".  Given that millions of other impatient users are probably staring at the same status bar, it may be six weeks before I get my upgrade after all. 

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