Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't Know Why

And then there are life's unanswered questions, the mysteries of my universe:

Why did we have to grow up? I was doing just fine in Kindergarten. According Robert Fulgham's best selling book, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" said it all.

How could I graduate from a respectable four year institution at the age of 22 and by the age of  41 become a blithering idiot (according my teenage daughter) only to regain my sanity and some wisdom by the age of 47?

If there is a god why didn't he let us have grandchildren first?  

If most of us are not engineers, mathematicians, or physicists, why are we constantly quoting Murphy's fourth law of thermodynamics? And who was this guy Murphy any way?

Why do our best thoughts come in the shower?

How is it that the statisticians and pundits who insist the unemployment rate is so low all have well paying secure jobs?

Does anyone else see an issue when our law makers, the members of Congress, promote marriage, chastise single parents, and frown upon cohabitation yet have enacted a tax code that includes a marriage penalty?

How can the cowards among us eschew Machiavelli, and still be surprised when our enemies lye?

Why is the sky blue after all? I'm still waiting for that answer, 51 years after I first asked it.

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