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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Greeters at Walmart

For years my fall back plan for employment was being the greeter at Walmart. Of course at that time it was humorous - how old would I have to be, those folks are ancient. But given my current circumstances I may resort to that after all. 

Yesterday I ran in to Sam's gold mine to pick up a few items. On the way in I spoke to the greeter. She looked pretty old. I wonder how long she will last. I am quickly approaching that age. The news that Walmart had increased their wages 15% was encouraging. 

As I walked around the store, I noted the comfortable attire the store associates wore. In the line ahead of me was an associate was checking out using her employee card to get a discount.

Yep, it may be time to fall back after all. The moon and the stars  are colliding - I have reached that age and I am unemployed. 

Of course my last recourse if the greeter position did not work out was being a bagger at Bi-Lo. 

So I still have options. 

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BetteJo said...

Greeter at WalMart is exactly the job I have always said I would love to have when I didn't need a living wage and could afford not to think so hard anymore. I understand the desire!