Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'll See You in My Dreams - a Movie Review

Full disclosure, I personally think Sam Elliott is one of the sexiest older actors working today - OK, men around. But I digress. 

I'll See you in My Dreams is a super movie that will most likely only appeal to a narrow audience - older women questioning what, if anything, is missing in their lives.  Is a new relationship worth it? Where do I start? How do I start? Can I restart?

It is a comedy, it is a romance, it is a movie that asks questions that we may not want to discuss. It also reminds us that it is impossible to plan or control our lives. Life happens - good and bad. The movie is also a testament to the utter absurdity of "Speed Dating" at any age over 21.

Carol (Bythe Danner - aka Gweneth Paltrow's mother) as a middle aged widow feels her life is full. An incident or two in that quiet life of hers makes her realize maybe her life is not as full as she thinks and whether one can start over.  Her three partners in crime, all single and of the same generation, aka bridge buddies, have mixed opinions on the subject. Well, Sally (Rhea Pearlman) thinks Carol should get out more. 

Along comes the slow talking Bill (Sam Elliott) and suddenly she realizes that she can start anew. But things are not that simple. Bring the tissues - just saying. 

The movie is thought provoking and heart warming. It is charming and funny and sad. It will not be listed as one of the top this year. I doubt the Academy will notice it. However, seeing it will be well worth your time - if you fall into that audience I suggested or know you would enjoy such a film.

It is 92 minutes of truth with little fluff. Yet, the story is told in an enjoyable way with an unpredictable ending. The story moves along and is well cast. Let's just say as a singer in a much earlier life, Carol finds her voice and realizes the trite saying life is too short is so true. 

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