Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's Impossible

Ah, Perry Como . . .

"It's impossible, tell the sun to leave the sky - 
 It's just impossible"

I think at least 25 of all 68 people who have purchased one of my books, have made some comment to my DH. Examples have been: 

  • "Have you read them?"
  • "What did you think?"
  •  "Isn't she funny?"
  •  "Did you know she could write like that?"

Of course the answers are:

  •  "No"
  • "I don't know because I haven't read either one of them."
  •  "She can be."
  •  "No."

Then he has said to me that perhaps he should read one of them. After some thought - just a minute or less - he quickly says, "Or, maybe not." I am in total agreement here. In this case ignorance is bliss. I can pretty much assume my humor and look on life is going to be lost on someone who refers to all women's clothing as "costumes" (with the exception of technical outdoor wear sold at REI or LL Bean.)

So to maintain marital bliss I find it best to stick to the status quo. I may have possibly at some point in my life penned some sort of narrative that could have found its way to a publisher. But then who would believe anything I wrote. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I would not believe it had I not survived most of it and lived to tell about it. 

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