Friday, July 10, 2015

Movie Review - Minions

I love these little yellow guys and have been eagerly awaiting this movie. Whoever came up with their characters is a genius. It is almost as if they created something out of thin air just to fill a void. You know, a funny bean shaped, solid colored, character, whose only feature is a snorkel like mask with one or two eyes, depending on the character, speaking mumbo jumbo and occasionally syllables from various world languages with words every once in a while that are vaguely understandable.

All that said I was a bit disappointed in the movie, Minions. They tried too hard. The premise was cute - a prequel to the Dispicable Me movies in which they were introduced. There were times during the film where the story lagged. It went too long. The beginning and end were good. And, truth be told much of the middle was good. I just walked out of the theater not satisfied in what I saw.

The main story takes place in 1968 and there is a great sound track based on hits of that time. The animation is excellent as well as the voices. As many animated films are created today, it appeals to the little ones with some funny adult undertones that would be lost on those little minds. There is a lot of violence but no blood and no one dies - just that "wonderful" kind that can take place only in animation and allow everyone to survive. (Remember Wile Cyote on The Road Runner? How many of us would survive the Acme roller skate parachute kit when it took us off the cliff? Or live to crawl out from under the baby grand piano? How many times?)

It is worth the 91 minutes and I may see it again. Chances are I had higher expectations that I should have and did not give it the chance it deserved. Due to the time of day I saw the movie, the theater was full of children who did not react to the humorous parts. That may have had an effect on me. Whatever I would give it a 7 out of 10. 

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