Thursday, August 13, 2015

Course Heading, Captain?

The replacement router is in - that is the good news. It has a new 12 digit alpha numeric password. My DH gave me a typed sheet that had the names and passwords to the three WiFi systems in the house. Yes, the T-Mobile server operates on 2 frequencies - Joy. However it it is the 5GHz that runs fastest and jumps highest.

I know we are only talking about networks and connections. My devices simple need to know which way they need to point and the magic password to open the door. 

I sat down and updated my laptop. That was not hard. I updated my phone - no sweat. I went to my printer and it did not seem to find the new WiFi system, so I manually entered it. Keep it mind this is a painful process - for example to enter an upper case "E", one has to select the "3" key and smash it 5 times - d,e,f,D,E..... and then continue on to enter the name of the network which has 24 digits (alpha numeric, upper case, lower case, and with characters). After that the password needs to be entered.

I did this 3 times with no success. Finally my DH appeared at my office door in response to my screams and moans. Only then did he share that, oh by the way, "Your printer may be like mine and not recognize the 1st T-Mobile system and need to be on the 2nd."

Yes, that being the case, I was able to set the printer up. The printer was connected to the WiFi. Unfortunately, my laptop did not get the memo and, although my printer indicated all was well and it was communicating with the mother ship - my laptop failed to recognize its presence.  I'll spare you the details of the following extremely frustrating hour of my life.

By days end, all my devices were connected to one network or another. Hopefully this was going to be the end of my WiFi nightmare. After all, with multiple networks any device could now easily connect to another system should the initial system go down. Come to think of it, it as if my entire life is now run by WiFi networks controlled by the Mother ship - the modem. That's a little much.

I crawled into bed, turned on my iPad to check my email and the news and turned out the light. After I had made sure that the world had not blown up - it had not. There was nothing earth shattering in my email - there wasn't.  I wasn't interested in reading any of the digital books I had so I turned it off, put it on my bedside table, and settled in for long summer's nap.

Suddenly I was aware of a series of bright green lights coming from the upper corner of our bedroom. It eerily reminded me of some scene from a Stephen King novel. I then remembered my DH saying that he was going to mount the new modem in our bedroom to give it optimal reach to the end of the house. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but those green lights seemed to pierce through everything. I turned over so my back was to that wall. The face of my clock radio reflected the light.

Even at night the mother ship watches.

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BetteJo said...

I took a picture once of all the things I needed to charge in a day. My laptop, my tablet, my kindle, my phone, my Bluetooth, my Fitbit, and who knows - there was probably something else. Wi-fi goes out at my house and you'd think the Hindenburg had just crashed. Oh the humanity!!