Monday, August 31, 2015

I Like Girls That Drink Beer

Ah, gentle readers I have not abandoned ship. I have been traveling. My DH and I took a lovely trip to Coral Gables and saw how the 10% lived - very nicely in case you ever wondered. 

Then my girl friends and I took several days to enjoy the cooler temperatures of the NC mountains. And, in visiting Asheville, I found myself on streets not dissimilar to Haight-Ashbury of the 60's. There was free love among the young people. I almost stumbled across a young man and his dog sitting on the sidewalk, guitar in hand, with a hand made sign - "Living on Poetry". 

The hotel we were staying in had a lovely large patio with large sofas and chairs of overstuffed cushions. Each afternoon, we would make ourselves at home around 3:30 or 4, to solve the problems of the world or discuss whatever came to mind or nothing. 

Having traveled together many times - we come prepared. We would set up camp with a small cooler of Coronas and limes, a bottle of wine, chips, crackers, cheeses, olives, and an assortment of gourmet meats. Needless to say, no one else was as "prepared" as we were. The other guests would wonder out with a drink or two from the bar inside and find a chair while we unabashedly enjoyed ourselves.

Now being good southern women, we were quick to offer our smorgasbord to anyone who looked interested. We got a few takers. Most folks were not sure what to make of us. Needless to say they found us most entertaining.

Friday evening as we sat on the patio, reflecting on life, our day, the future of the universe and men - in general, we noticed a large party of people gathering at the other end. After some time, it was clear this was a wedding party, most likely the rehearsal party. And, it was a group of extremely good looking young folks - all well mannered, well dressed, and well to do. 

Soon a young lady called everyone forward and introduced the Bridal Director - aha, we were correct. Then we realized, this was not the rehearsal party - this was the rehearsal. They were fixing ready to have the wedding rehearsal right there in front of God and everyone - including the three of us and our cocktail spread. Since there had been no sign saying the patio was closed and other folks (unconnected to the group) were milling about, we assumed that we were not interfering - so we sat back for the show. 

After some wrangling - that resembled herding cats, the procession started- down the "aisle" and we had a front row seat right at the "alter". The first group came down and a lady about our age, turned to us and asked if she could sit in one of the chairs in our area. Naturally we welcomed her. Since there was still some mass confusion with the director trying to get the groomsmen to settle down, she looked at me, smiled and said, "God that beer looks good."

I was quick to offer her one. "Oh, no, I couldn't do that?"

"And, why not?" Before she could answer that I had a cold bottle out of the cooler, had put a slice of lime it, and handed it to her. She just smiled and took a long sip.

"Oh, that is so good. By the way I am the mother of the bride."

I immediately smiled at her and said, "Bless you my child." She went to say that they were from North Carolina but the groom's family was from Chicago and this was a destination wedding. The ceremony itself was at a farm outside of town. We continued our visit  while the rehearsal went one. She continued to enjoy her beer and thank us for it.

When the rehearsal was over, she insisted on getting a picture of us and introducing us around to the family. I had snapped a few cell phone shots of the rehearsal, just to prove I have not made the story up. 

When I posted the pictures on Facebook with a comment, "We were enjoying our adult beverages and found ourselves in the middle of a wedding rehearsal", I got several comments. My favorite was from my sister-in-law who said she had heard of wedding crashers, but never rehearsal crashers.

Whatever, I felt it was a good deed for a MOB. No doubt she enjoyed that cold beer and that moment of sanity shared with women away from the trauma of her daughter's wedding. 

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