Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why Can't We Be Friends

I am on my computer a lot. I keep my checking account on a spread sheet. My job search is mainly virtual. I shop online. I write this blog. You get the picture.

Several years ago, we got our first Time Warner router. And we got the super duper fast (as in Road Runner beats Wile Coyote fast) router. My DH always being one for security assigned the system a 14 digit alpha numerical password. It was secure. I could never remember the password, so I had to refer to my digital password holder each time I needed it. Every single solitary device that was online needed the password. This included my laptop, WiFi printer, iPad, bedside XM clock radio, the WiFi system on my phone, etc. Eventually everything was synced and secured. Life was good.

Then last October we changed our cell phone carrier to T-Mobile (and cut the bill in half). In doing so my DH picked up a new router. He thought it was an "interesting" device but questioned whether it was worth the trouble. That was until he read on C-Net that this device was the best thing since sliced bread, the Betsy Wetsy Doll, and Silly Putty. The reviewer said that it had a shelf price of $400 but T-Mobile customers could get it for almost nothing. Anyone on T-Mobile would be nuts not to use one according to them. Supposedly this provided superior WiFi service over any other router.

So, you guessed it, my DH installed the router replacing the Time Warner router. Of course by doing so the WiFi system now had a new name and a new password so in order to connect to the new system, all our devices had to be reset with the new system name and password. I was mildly annoyed - even though this password was only 12 digits in length.

Of course it wasn't long after that when my hard drive failed and I had to get a new one,  which required me to re-install many of the programs and applications on my laptop and reenter passwords.

Naturally as soon as I did that Microsoft downloaded their new bouncing baby - #10. And, contrary to everything Microsoft promised, some programs and applications were affected and yes, I found myself having to re-install applications and programs and - re-enter passwords.

Finally - I had a new hard drive - that was set-up. Windows 10 was installed and running (fairly) smoothly. The new T-Mobile router was installed and we were all synced (after entering the new 12 digit alpha numeric code) like those daisy carrying flower children on the hillside in that infamous Coca-Cola commercial we were singing in harmony. Life was good.

I went to Greenville to visit my daughter - and my dear precious granddaughter, who by the way in case you did not know is the smartest, most precious, and most beautiful child EVER born - just saying - last week. Friday evening I returned home and when I opened my laptop I was greeted with "Not Connected to the Internet". I did not have time to deal with the computer, I went to bed.

In bed, I opened my iPad to look at the news. All I could read on the screen was "Unable to connect to Wifi." This is when I emitted a primal scream. "Nooooooooo!"

I then learned that the T-Mobile router had some issue and my DH had to reinstall the Time Warner router (the one with the 14 digit alpha numeric password). So yes, my laptop, my iPad, my Wifi printer, clock radio,  Ipad, and cell phone had to be reprogrammed.

Then my DH explained - "But the good news is we are getting a replacement T-Mobile router in a few days so we will be able to re-install it soon."  


It is times like these when I yearn for my Daddy's Underwood typewriter, Mr. Hall's slide rule, and the US Postal Service. That my dear is a sad state of affairs. Why can't I just whisper nicely in each of my device's ear, "Play pretty, now. You hear."


BetteJo said...

Just recently had to get a new U-Verse router so of course - everything in the house had to be reconfigured and set up to connect again .. I work in I.T. but it doesn't make it any easier!

AC said...

My DH, bless his heart, now says that when the T-Mobile router comes back he is going to install it and keep the TW router online - so if one fails we can just log into the other without having to renter names and passwords. There may be a God afterall.