Monday, September 21, 2015

. . . and the Dish Ran away with the Spoon

I had a dream the other night and found myself in a nursery rhyme looking for a job - fully clothed, thank God for small favors.  Neither the butcher, the baker, nor the candlestick maker helped me. Once I thought my talents were broad and my experience deep, but suddenly I had to question my abilities.  I walked around the streets of these characters with (what I can only only assume was) my resume that suddenly was just a blank sheet of paper.

I had no experience for a position blowing a horn, catching fishes in ditches, plucking pheasant, or selling sea shells. Locating lost sheep was no where on my vita sheet. I could not carry a note, so singing for my supper was no good. And, the so called "Muffin Man" on Drury Lane eluded me.

I turned the corner to find all of the Disney Princesses standing at the edge of the woods - like a scene from the most recent Cinderella movie. As I entered the woods everyone was laughing at me. "You're late. You're not suppose to be here." I didn't know where I was supposed to be. Across a wide road I could see the canals of Venice, but there was no way to get there.

It was no better in the land of Grimm than in the grim world of reality. All I needed was a white rabbit and a queen of hearts. 

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