Saturday, September 12, 2015

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - Well No Duh!

Someone once wrote a bestselling book, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". They may as well have said there is a difference between black and white, ying and yang, coming and going, right and left, etc. As any teenager would say, "Well no duh."

Not are we just different, we approach life differently. In fact there are times, I wonder if my DH and I live in the same world or perhaps I am just existing in a parallel universe. Often there is more than just "a failure to communicate" - there is a basic failure to understand why we go about things in such a different way.

All this came to mind when we were hanging pictures in the den. Now a note here, neither of us are engineers or decorators. 

I picked up the rather large picture I wanted to hang. It was a 30 x 48 framed reproduction of an antique bird plate. After looking at the wall, I figured where the picture would look the best, figured where the hanger needed to go, and commenced to nail the hanger to the wall. Hung the picture and stood back to admire work. Done and done. But, not so fast - according to my DH.

My DH would measure the length of the wall and mark the middle point of that measurement. At that middle point, he would stand back and mark a place on the wall that equaled eye level at that middle point. He would then position the picture so that the middle fell just above eye level.  After hanging the piece he would pull out a level to ensure that it was perfectly level and parallel to the floor.

Needless to say, he feels I am careless in my methodology (or lack thereof) in hanging pictures. So I decided to do some research to see if it really mattered how a picture was hung in a house.

I found an article explaining the definitive way all pictures should be hung. Note, you need a calculator, a tape measure, and a hammer. A level nor a slide rule was never mentioned.
  • measure the height of the picture from the back
  • find the distance between the top of the picture and the picture hanging hardware.Take this measurement from the backside of the frame
  • subtract that number from the number you got when you divided the frame height by 2
  • add 60 to the difference
  • measure and mark that spot on the wall.

So for a 24 inch tall frame with the hardware 6.5 from the top, the math works as follows:

24 divided by 2 equals 12
12 - 6.5 = 7.5 
60 + 7.5 = 67.5

In accordance with the "experts" the hanger for your picture should be placed on the wall 67.5 inches from the floor.

Or, you can skip the rocket science, just examine the wall, figure out what looks good, and hang the picture. Just Saying!

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