Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Simple is More than I can Handle

It is unusual for me to want a sandwich for supper, especially during the week. But last night was an exception. I had seen a recipe for a green tomato BLT as I walked into the local market and was intrigued. Moving through the store I think 1 out of 3 shoppers were as interested because there seemed to be a run on green tomatoes, white corn meal, and sandwich rolls. 

Not caring for sandwich rolls, I had opted for a long french style whole grain loaf I could slice. With that I bought the ingredients for my BLT along with the other items on my shopping list. I say list, unlike most of my trips, I did not have a list so I found myself making very inefficient trips back and forth from one side of the store to the other as I tried to remember everything I planned to purchase. 

After I got home and put everything away I learned that my DH eaten early, so I would be the only one enjoying the BLT. I pulled out the recipe and the ingredients. Never being one to color between the lines or follow the exact instructions of anything, I decided to forego the "Pimento Cheese Style Mayo" the recipe called for and just make a batch of my regular pimento cheese. This involved roasting a fresh pepper, a pot to steam it in, a cheese grater, two bowls, and several utensils. After 15 minutes or so, that was done, and set aside. I moved on.

Now to the easy part - the BLT. Why, I wondered, did we not have sandwiches for supper more often? Think of all the pots, pans, bowls, dishes, and plates it would save. Of course, we would still eat on china plates, only in an emergency could I become a heathen and serve my family supper on paper plates. And, of course, there would be sterling pieces for the fresh tomatoes, onions, condiments, etc. After all, I did attempt to run a civilized household, key word there being attempt.

I assembled the tomatoes, onions, flour, corn meal, egg, milk, salt, pepper, oil, bacon, and bread. After reading the instructions, I put the bacon in the microwave. I have long since given up on frying bacon because of the mess - nuking it on a large plate and with a stack of paper towels works just as well. Uhm, let's see I need a bowl each for the flour, the corn meal, and the egg and milk. I pulled out a cutting board for the tomatoes and onion and another for the bread. An additional plate was needed to "dry" the tomatoes on . . . 

Forsaking boredom, I'll spare you the details. By the time I sat down to enjoy my simple BLT sandwich, I was looking at a counter littered with a dirty pot and pan. There were three dinner plates, four bowls, a cheese grater, two cutting boards, and numerous utensils scattered across my kitchen counter in need of washing. 

Granted my BLT was delicious and I may make it again. However, tonight we are having meatloaf - a greasy complicated dish that involves 2 types of meat, 6 vegetables, crackers, egg, tomato juice, beef stock, spices, and more but only two bowls, one cutting board, and a cookie sheet (that is lined with aluminum foil so it does not have to be washed). I'll pass on simple, I just cannot handle it - there is too much work.

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