Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Man from UNCLE - a movie review

I missed the memo that explained The Man from UNCLE was supposed to be a B-rated movie parody of a top rated TV show of my youth. Once again the talent was wasted on my youth. This movie started out badly and just got worst. It was like "Get Smart" just without the talented actors, the brilliant dialogue, and the quirky props. 

Henry Cavill playing Solo was pompous, but not suave enough for the part. Armie Hammer as IIlya was a much better fit for his role, but he seemed befuddled most of the time - as if he questioned why he was cast in the film. Alicia Vikander played the role of Gaby as Gidget trying to be a Bond girl - it didn't fly.

The one scene in the movie that was memorable was a dance scene Gady performed in a drunken stupor for Illya in their hotel room. That taken out of the context of the movie was so well done, we were given a glimmer of hope that the film could be salvaged. But it was not to be.

Of all, the best character was Victoria, played by Elizabeth Debicki, the jewel decked villainess, whose brilliant cool calm actions, always three steps ahead of "the men", had to be ended. And spoiler alert - the writers found themselves having  to write her off in the end. Otherwise the dimwitted inept truth of the lack of talent by Solo and Illya would be shown up by her brains and guile. Now, the writers could not let that happen, could they? It would have been much better for all if the screenwriter had just written a better story from the get go.

We stayed through the entire film knowing it had to get better. At the end, in utter disbelief, we saw the error of our ways. We had wasted 116 minutes and all I got out of it was some sullen looks by Hammer and the entertaining cool charm of Dedicki. Oh, the 1960's clothes and music were entertaining, but not worth that much of my time and money. Guy Ritchie should know better.

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