Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We Don't Need No Education

Sometimes one has to see the humor in life otherwise the tragedy will kill you. In spending my days searching for jobs I often come across random job search sites. This morning I received an unsolicited email from a forum for those in search of employment with Walmart. After going through some of the posts, the mysteries of the universe or at least what makes our local Walmart tic or their staff seem so dysfunctional was revealed. 

Here are a few of the entries from the hiring pool. I have copied the exact posts (changing the posters' names of course, as if it were to matter)

t***** w****
August 13
i have been trying to apply. i went to all the sites possible, and havent heard nothing back. any tips ya can help me out with? 

J**** F****
5 days ago
Did u pass the question test if u fail it's considered non competitive and u have to wait 60 days to reapply how long ago did u apply ?

Br**** G****
August 26
How do you get passed the assement

M***** Fellion *****
4 days ago
1st....learn how to spell...."How do you get past the assessment?"


e**** a****
3 days ago
I work there 13 years got sick was told no openings so i told to fire me because i did not wanted to ouit.try for door greeter but no postion exsited.but still see people there. Besides all they want are part timers


c**** s****
August 12
nobody wants me here in florida.and its a shame because I am a great worker.sorry im from new jersey

W**** B***
6 days ago
I have the same exact problem


OK, I fancy myself as a writer but I do not possess the talent nor the imagination to make this up. I would apply to work at Walmart, however, I would have to jump off a cliff in shame if I were denied employment after reading these posts. Perhaps there is potential for me as a greeter after all.

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