Saturday, October 3, 2015

Exactly How Large is a Cubit?

Looking at the orange on the weather map and the dire predictions of record breaking rainfall and catastrophic flooding (meteorologists must have to take a course in "Near Hysterical Descriptives" before getting their certification) I only have one question - exactly how large is a cubit anyway?

There is a small town in our county where a gentleman has built a UFO Welcome Center (I couldn't make this stuff up), so being in the middle of the Bible belt no doubt someone here has built an ark in their backyard. Yes, I realize God said he would never send the big flood again, but I imagine some brain child is hedging his bets along with the super intense fire proof chamber filled with supplies he has constructed in the basement preparing for his family to be able to ride out Armageddon come Hell or high water - literally. Just saying. . . don't laugh, you know the type. We have one or two suspects in our family alone.

Given the storm predictions we are currently looking at, if there is an ark in the neighborhood and someone has a ticket, I'm more than willing to go along as their "plus one". You can just post me the information. 

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