Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Intern - a Movie Review

When you put two talented Oscar winning actors together in rolls that suit them so well, the story works despite milk warm reviews. In The Intern,Robert De Niro plays Ben, a 70 year old retired executive who takes a position as a senior intern at an ecommerce company. Anne Hatheway plays Jules Ostin, the founder and head of the online company. 

The beauty of the story is that Ben does not try to fight the mindset of the millennials he finds himself among. He is just his friendly helpful respectful self showing up every day in a suit and tie complete with brief case. Jules on the other hand, finds herself drowning in every startup's dream - a company growing too fast. 

Everyone learns from Ben. It doesn't take long for the male millennials to find there may be something to "old school" after all. Jules, however, is not so taken. She is totally wrapped up in the stress of running the company, her personal life, and keeping it all together. 

The movie is funny, poignant, and touching. Even my DH enjoyed it which means it does not fall in "chick flick" status. There is a lot to the story. Although you may feel like you know the end as the story starts, as the saying goes - it is the journey that is more interesting than the destination.

The roll of Jule's daughter, Paige, was played by Jojo Kusher who if her talent in this film is any sign, has a long career before her. She was cute, authentic, and precocious. Rene Russo plays the company's masseuse. The only weak point in the movie was the character of Matt, Jules' husband, played by Anders Holm. He just did not fit in. Even if his character was part of the story - I won't go there,  Holm was not the best choice in the roll (IMHO). He came across as sleazy and not genuine - not one would Jules would have fallen in love with. 

The movie is well worth 121 minutes. I do not see this winning additional Oscars for De Niro and Hatheway, but it is not a waste of their talent - or your time.

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