Monday, November 9, 2015

All the Time in the World or Not

I was checking out at a small grocery store yesterday. At the time only one checkout lane was open and there was a line. Of all days I was organized, knew what I needed, and had a list for the those few items.  Naturally this would be the time I was standing there carefully balancing all the items in my hands lamenting my arrogance in thinking I did not need a buggy.

The lady in front of me was obviously from the country and looking at her buggy that was loaded to the hilt, this must have been her bi-weekly shopping trip. When a cashier stepped forward and announced she was opening another lane, I smiled at the country lady and pointed out that a new line was open. 

She turned to me, smiled and said, "Oh honey I  have nothing else to do but wait. I have all the time in the world."

Meanwhile everyone behind me scurried to the open line. They could do the math. The shopper being checked out looked as if she were shopping for a family of 12 preparing for Armageddon, then this lady's buggy was filled to the brim. Meanwhile there I stood with only an arm full of items, but a little more than my arms could carry. 

As the country lady took her sweet time moving her items to the counter all the while talking to me about her philosophy on life, I was juggling groceries and asking myself, "If something hits the floor, which will make the bigger mess, the jar of olives, large jar of pesto or the glass container of garlic?"

Finally her items were on the counter just as I dropped the jar of pesto on the relatively soft conveyor belt. I carefully places the rest of my purchases on the counter.

The lady turned to me, "My dear you need to be careful, that could have broken."  Then she started on her theory that big business had put chemicals in the plastic food containers to keep everyone in line. It was a conspiracy you know. They wanted you "hooked" on their food. Personally she preferred glass but you had to be careful . . . 

Thankfully the cashier interrupted her impromptu informational dissertation and asked if she were paying with cash. The country lady immediately turned to her. "Of course, do you trust the banks these days? I only deal in cash." Only then did she start digging through her purse to find her wallet and start counting out her money. 

This cemented two things in my mind - no matter what is on my list, I always need a buggy and I prefer stores with self-check out lanes. I cannot wait for the day when I can look at someone in line and say, "Oh honey, I have nothing else to do but wait." Hopefully then I will also remember the days when maybe I didn't have so much time and consider the shopper behind me juggling the pesto and garlic. Just hopefully I will not be on a soapbox about not trusting banks or the conspiracy of big business with our plastics. 

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