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Friday, December 25, 2015

My Christmas Letter - Grab That Brass Ring

We all have our holiday traditions. My father had his Christmas Eve Drugstore drop in for years. My brother and I had assigned wing chairs in the den where Santa deposited our gifts. Our family Christmas, as a child, was a four day whirlwind trip to visit both sets of grandparents starting mid-day on Christmas. Santa filled my stocking every year with oranges, whole walnuts, and fireworks - go figure. I was clueless then, as I still am. (That was one of the mysteries my mother took to her grave. But I digress.)

What ever the tradition, I have always been blessed with family and fond memories of the holidays. I realize now that I had what few in this world have - a safe and secure life, the love of generations of a family, and a life style I took for granted.  I was always told this growing up, but as a child I thought of this as toys and a warm home. After going through these past years with this wretched economy, the wars, famine, and world poverty, I realize that the material items were the least of my wealth - it was the security of a family who loved me and the holidays together with loved ones, who are no longer here.

If I could make one wish for everyone in my world, it would be to enjoy your friends and loved ones every day, especially over the holidays. Make memories. Take time to remember those special times of your youth. And, I am not being negative, I am being positive - Enjoy, revel, contribute, join in, attend, stay home with family and friends, go out with family and friends. Get 150% out of life. Grab that brass ring on the carousel of life and be thankful you have a ride. (And stay safe so the joy can continue!)

Merry Christmas!

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