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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Light Star Bright

Just when I thought the Christmas tree was done, finished, settled, complete, I came home from a trip to find a new addition. The over sized angel that dominated the top of tree had been replaced. Sitting atop the tree was a bright star. Not a pretty white star but a multi colored star that I'm sure the magi would have not have recognized. It is more like a relic from the Saturday Night Fever movie set.

The next morning I found my DH carefully placing his glass ice cicles on the tree branch by branch. This made me rethink my tree decorating skills. In previous years I had put lights on the tree, added the ornaments, and carefully placed the skirt underneath it, all in one day. At the time I was pretty proud of my work. By that evening the tree was up and the empty boxes of decorations were safely back in the attic.

I could sit and rest on my laurels. Of course the lights were not spaced exactly the same distance apart from one another making sure from no matter which side you viewed the tree the color pattern did not repeat. And, there were no icicles. I avoided those, unlike this year where my DH carefully placed each glass icicle, starting with the shorter ones at the top. He carefully added each to the end of a branch, giving it that perfect effect. Each glass crystal placed just so it will pick the colored lights behind it and prism the rainbow.

And, the star is placed atop the tree like some beacon to Santa that sends messages to the North Pole via that special SCGSO (Santa Claus Geo Synchronous Orbital) Satellite. Any time I sin or think some unkind thought, I swear that star blinks several times like it is transmitting data to the Naughty and Nice server up North.

For years my DH did not care whether or not the tree was turned on. This year is a different story. Just yesterday he came home early in the afternoon to find the tree dark. He commented he could not believe we would have the tree off that time of day. Maybe I am being paranoid and he is filled with the  Christmas Spirit. After 33 years of marriage, why should I question his volunteering to decorate the tree all by himself for the first time, taking 15 days to do so, and topping it with a disco star?  

I have no complaints. The tree is lovely. It is colorful - very, very colorful with the large colored lights and the "magic" star. It is sparkly with the many glass icicles that adorn it. It is festive as a Christmas tree should be. Most of all, for once, someone else did it and I get to sit back and enjoy it. 

Hopefully we have started a new family tradition, if only the SCGSOS will transmit that nugget of information to jolly old elf to make it be. I can always wish.

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