Thursday, December 17, 2015

Survey says - The Holy City

The envelope has been opened and I have been offered (and accepted) a position in Charleston - the Holy City. In four weeks I will be living in the city I dearly love, in the city I spent as an undergrad many many years ago. Unfortunately, the secret is out and everyone wants to live there, so finding a place to rent is almost impossible.

The job I have taken is going to be incredibly interesting. I will be at The Citadel as General Rosa's Executive Assistant. This will be a new chapter in an old girl's life. But, I shall eat my Wheaties and be prepared.

After 23 months of searching for a job, now I find myself in search of affordable housing. Knowing the Charleston traffic, I do not want to commute. It may take a while but I hope to find something in town. I have pulled out all stops, contacting everyone and their brother and third cousin if I think they may know someone who knows someone else who may be aware of a place that is possibly available.

There are plenty of opportunities to live with someone. Many people are looking for roommates or folks to shares houses with. But at my age, I want my own place. It doesn't have to be big or fancy. 

So the next phase begins - the realty phase, the search for housing and it is on. 

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