Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting to Know You

In a nutshell Marshall decided he was no longer a fan of the crate and demanded equal sleeping time in the bed. That went over well until he settled into Ellie's spot. I cannot figure out if he is a bottle short of a case or if just likes living on the edge.

Here is how the next days played out:
  • By Sunday I was able to take both dogs to the dog park. Naturally Marshall approached every Pit Bull, Rottweiler Mix, and anything over 90 pounds with reckless abandon. Ellie on the other hand, stayed on the opposite side of the park, as if to say, "I don't know him, I've never seen him, I'm appalled they let his type in."
  • That evening I ventured out with both of them on leashes - thank God no one video taped it (that I know of - if so, it may well be a You Tube viral hit.) One wants to charge forward while the other wants to stop. One will cross over, get ahead, and then cross back, thereby tangling the leashes which I have to untangle on the sidewalk albeit still holding tight to the pups less they run into the traffic. It never fails that they choose different sides of the tree go around.
  • Monday was THE day. I was going to work, leaving them at home. I knew they would be OK, unless Ellie figured out a way to send Marshall away with the mailman. 
  • I do not need an alarm clock because I have Ellie in my face at 5:30 am sharp - "Are you up yet?" So at 5:30 when it was in the 30s we were up and out for our morning constitutional.
  • By this time Marshall had totally destroyed every "Guaranteed Indestructible" toy he had, so my place is littered with ragged animals, stuffing, squeakers, and pieces of rope (all relatively new!) Monday evening I came home to find he had chewed his harness (ie the one he was wearing at the time) in two.
  • New collars and harnesses were ordered for everyone, Marshall no longer wears anything the house, less it become fodder for his destruction.
  • Tuesday morning when I walked out of the door both dogs were making such a fuss it was all I could do to get the door closed. I turned and walked down the hall only to find Marshall standing there waiting for me just inside the main door to the apartment building (sans harness of course.) Obviously he had slipped by in all the confusion.
  • When I returned from work Tuesday, something was different. Ellie was happy, her tail was wagging, something I had not seen in a while. I could tell this was getting better. As I walked around the apartment I found things a little askew. A random shoe was in the kitchen. Clothes were on the floor. A chill came over me, I remember the last time I had this feeling - we left our daughters home alone one weekend while they were in high school. They never got along, but we assumed they would not kill each other over just 2 and a half days. But when we returned the house was cleaner than it was when we left and suddenly they were best friends. No doubt there was enough guilt on the part both to keep that secret.
  • On the nutrition side, Ellie will now eat her meals, but she has certain requirements: both pups are fed at the same time, both in the their crates, and she will not start eating until both crates are shut. Once we accommodated her, meal times have gone much better.
  • Marshall and Ellie have worked out sleeping arrangements. Marshall can sleep anywhere he wants to as long as it suits Ellie, and if it doesn't, she lets out a low growl to indicate her disapproval. (However last night I awoke to find them sound asleep next to each other.
So my quiet life is suddenly busy trying to keep up with these two. I hope the "upkeep" will soon be less. 

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