Friday, January 8, 2016

Lusting after a Buffet

When I learned I was moving to Charleston I realized that I would get to enjoy some of the lovely furniture my mother had, that we did not have room for in our home. The first time I saw the apartment I ended up renting I mentally placed some of the favorite pieces. Of course many of Mama's pieces were too big for a small apartment. And there was a need for pieces she never had.

I needed a "kitchen" table. Due to the space, I had a small square high top in mind. My DH suggested a Christian Community Thrift store in town.To my surprise they had a round high top table. And it was drop leaf, so it could be put next to the wall and take up less space. Best of all, the price was a little below what I thought I would have to pay. Check!

There is a wonderful consignment shop in Summerville from which my girls had found several things at very affordable rates for various apartments they had lived in over the years. There I found a marble top wash stand that would fit perfectly in my entrance way, a set of 5 nicely carved Chinese nesting tables that I could put to various uses, a nice book shelf, and 4 lamps that I badly needed. 

While walking around I saw this huge buffet. It was much too heavy and too expensive for my needs. I asked the owner if he had any other buffets. He showed me several around the store but they were not even close to what I had in mind. I thanked him and went to pay my bill. To my surprise, not only was I saving money due to their low prices, they had everything 20% off if you paid in cash. 

The following day (New Year's Eve) on our way down to Charleston I stopped by the store again to look at some beds. As I walked into the front of the store, there stood this lovely, beautiful solid wood buffet. It was exactly what I had in mind. I measured it and it would fit nicely on the wall in the living area. But as I thought about it, would it dominate the room? I already had a lot of furniture in the room. But the buffet was just what I wanted.

Although it was solid wood and did not have any dents or scratches on it, the drawers were not tongue and groove or dovetailed. I stood there and looked at the piece. The sales lady reminded me it would be 20% off, which put in well within my budget. But, mentally I went back and forth - it was perfect and just what I wanted, but was it too big for the room? If I got it in there and it didn't work, what would I do with it? If I bought it, then I had no where to put the newly purchased book shelf. Finally, I could not come to rest and told the sales lady how badly I wanted it but I just wasn't sure it would be right for the space. 

That night and New Year's day I pondered the buffet and finally decided I would regret not getting it. And, of course, there was always the chance it had been sold. Even as I had stood there for all that time hemming and hawing over it, several other customers had looked at it, inquired about it and measured it. 

On moving day my DH and son-in-law had planned to stop by the store on the way to Charleston to pick up the other pieces I had purchased. I went down ahead of them. I walked in the store to see the buffet still there. I told the saleslady that I wanted it. She laughed, "So you finally made up your mind." 

As I went to pay for it, she told me the price and it was higher than what was quoted just two days ago. When I questioned it, she explained that the 20% sale only lasted through the end of the year. I looked at her and told her that she had to be kidding. She knew that I had bought several pieces earlier and that I had seriously looked at this piece at the same time. Certainly she could extend the sale for this piece given the situation but she held firm. 

I was in love and went ahead and bought the piece. When my DH arrived, he looked at the piece and declared it very nice looking. Then he opened a drawer. "Did you see this? It isn't tongue and groove." I explained I knew that. He shook his head. When he and my son-in-law went to move it, they both commented that it was one of the heaviest pieces they had ever picked up. 

It fits perfectly in the space and makes the living area. It gives me more storage space. I have no regrets over it. And, as for the book case. I have no linen closet. It fits nicely in the bathroom and with the addition of baskets to neatly hold toiletries, medications, and other supplies as well as shelf space to house neatly stacked linens and towels, it works well. 

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