Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Marshall Comes Home

The saga of Marshall continues - now it is Marshall and Ellie. Marshall is with me in Charleston and had no problem adjusting. He bounded from my arms when I put him down in the doorway of the apartment and ran around looking for toys. And that was that. Ellie, on the other hand, was not a happy camper. My DH had had both of them in Orangeburg for several days of "getting to know each other". Word was they had tolerated each other (at best) but yet "bonded". Naturally I was told that they would surely bond once it was just the two of them down here. (Yes, the check is in the mail and I'll respect you in the morning.)

The first night, Ellie assumed her place on the bed and Marshall happily jumped in his crate. We did not hear a peep from him all night. This was good. Ellie with me, Marshall in crate - peace of earth. Saturday one would have thought they were polarized magnets. Ellie avoided Marshall like the plaque. Her look of total disdain when my DH left and Marshall remained was "Seriously? Didn't he forget something? Don't you need to call him?"

At this point I don't think I could handle both on leashes at the same time. For one thing, I fear Ellie may push Marshall into oncoming traffic - by mistake I am sure. It would be tragic and Ellie would mourn his loss, but not too long for fear I would think she needed another "pal". So I take them out one at a time. Naturally, Ellie wants to go first (and second) - as does Marshall. Eventually I will deal with them both on leashes. (I just need to keep my mantra in mind - drugs and therapy, drugs and therapy.)

Naturally Saturday was wet with a high of 39. A trip to the dog park was out of the question. As evening came and I settled down to watch the news and Ellie settled down to sulk, Marshall started barking at every noise. Now, one has to remember, I live on the corner, on the ground floor of a building so there is significant street noise of cars, people walking, ship horns from the harbor, train whistles. The sounds do not bother me, however Marshall barked at everything. No doubt the neighbors were going to complain.

Finally after a day inside (with several walks) it was time for bed. Marshall went in his crate with no issue. Ellie got on the bed. We all settled down for a long winter's nap. 

But out in the den there rose such a clatter . . . (to be continued)

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