Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thank God for Glenda

My second visit by Comcast was a total new experience. The tech called 15 minutes early and asked if it suited for him to come early. Sure! When I went to let him in the front door, I found two nice looking guys, one tall with his hair in many long black braids and his side kick - both articulate. I quickly explained the situation with the parking space and that I would move my car. They looked at each other quizickly and laughed. "We don't need the parking space to put our ladder up. We can just put it here." With that he indicated a place on the sidewalk. So much for that obstacle.

I brought them in the apartment. They asked several questions and went to work. In a matter of 15 minutes they had the TV cable and internet service installed and working. One showed me how to use the remote (ie ONE remote) and asked if I had any questions. I had none, thanked them and they left.

I sat down to watch TV for the first time since I moved in. I started scrolling through the channels. A message kept coming up on the screen, "Channel Not Available Call Comcast to Subscribe". That was OK until I could not get CNN or MSNBC. That was when I picked up the phone and called Comcast. After getting transferred to the business support division by mistake, getting someone who could not tell me which stations were in my package, a third person who suggested I check the prices offered on Comcast's website, and yet another person whom I could not understand what he was saying, I finally ended up with Glenda.

Glenda, bless her,  was able to help me, not tell me what I wanted to hear, but assist me none the less. Seems the yay hoo whom I initially spoke to (despite my specifically requesting that my channel package contain CNN, MSNBC and a few others) had signed me up for a TV package that had only 10 local channels. Apparently I needed the Digital Starter package. You know you do not have many channels when you are upgraded to the Digital Starter Package.

Bottom line, by the time I had worked through my situation and the available packages, thanks to Glenda's help and patience, I was able to determine that I would get the Digital Starter Package and drop the internet service. She took care of all the details, I thanked her and hung up.

So I guess I had survived the 5th circle of Hell, paid my toll, and with help from Glenda, crossed the river Styx.

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