Monday, January 18, 2016

The Devil is in the Loose Ends

Moving on to the second shelter, I felt encouraged. I had found a prospect. I had emailed back and forth with an adoption counselor here named Alexa. I told my DH that I had already completed the adoption form, sent it in online, and had been told I was "qualified"

I had submitted adoption forms to several adoption agencies, knowing that if I did find a dog with them, references would have to be checked, etc. And, although they were not as outlandish as the Breed Clubs, some were 4 and 5 pages long. One asked how many dogs I had had in the past 15 years and what happened to each one of them. They were just looking out for the dogs safety.

Naturally, he asked, "How hard can it be to get approved here?"

"Well it was a 5 page form, and they contact at least one reference, your landlord, and vets office." I could tell he was skeptical. I walked up to the desk and introduced myself. The young lady pulled up my file and said, "Yes, you are qualified, we just need to speak with your landlord. We have not been able to reach him so far."

"Can you email him?" my DH asked.

"No sir, We require an oral consent." She then told us where we could sit to wait for our "tour" of the kennels.

When the tour volunteer came up and introduced herself, she asked if there was something specific we were looking for. I just told her I was hoping to find a small wire haired terrier mix. She apologized and said she was afraid they did not have anything like that. A little disappointed, the tour started and we stepped into the kennel room. 

The facility was most impressive. It was spotless and had no dog odor at all. The first aisle of dogs was a mix of retrievers, a pit bull, 2 Maltese mixes, a Chihuahua, and 1 or 2 nondescript large dogs.  When we turned the corner to see the second aisle, there in the run were 2 little wire haired terriers. The signs on their door clearly said, "Wire Haired Terrier", for each. There was Dereon, a black and white mix and Marshal, obviously a terrier by the hair on his face. His entire body had been shaved, and he had a long haired tail (much like a sail on a mast) he held high that obviously would have been docked had he been a purebred.

We immediately asked if we could see these two pups and were escorted into a meeting room. Marshal was brought in. Upon closer look, this little fellow reminded me of a Dr.Seuss character, with his fury face, short legs, long shaved torso, and that tail - that never stopped wagging.  I thought I could see some Yorkie in him, in that his shaved coat had that distinct gray/brown coloring beginning to come through the clipped curls. His face could be that of many a terrier breed.

But the dog's disposition was wonderful. He would run after a toy and bring it back as many times as you would throw it. He would sit in your lap or lay in your lap. His ears would perk up when he heard dogs barking in other rooms, but never a sound came from him. My DH was smitten (as was I) His comment was, "This is the one".

Alexa came in and sat down. "So what do you think?" We expressed our delight and reluctantly handed him over so we could meet Dereon. My DH was assured that Marshal was in a holding room while we were going through this process and would not be put back out in the kennel (for someone else to snatch up), until a decision, either way, was made.

Dereon was a sweet dog also. But he had a hard act to follow. About a third of his hair was gone but his skin was clear of  any sores. He had good manners but did not have Marshal's personality. Alexa looked at us, "Do you need some time to talk?"

"I don't think so,," I said. "Marshall is pretty much what I am looking for. But do you have any idea what he is?'

She said that all they knew was he had some terrier blood in him. He had been picked up from the side of the road by the police so no one knew anything about him.

"So what do we need to do now?" I asked, thinking it would just be a matter of signing the final forms and giving them a check before Marshall would be ours to take home.

"Well," she hesitated, "there are a few loose ends we need to wrap up.

Is it ever easy? No, tune in tomorrow to see how this turns out. It is never what you expect.

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