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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Marshall Plan

When we last met, Alexa was explaining there were a few "loose ends" we needed to wrap up before we could adopt Marshal.
"First we still cannot get in touch with your landlord. Secondly, Marshall will need to be neutered and that will take place Monday so he is not free to go until late Monday afternoon."

"So we can get everything else done and certainly by Monday you will have reached (Alex) my landlord."

"I'm afraid not. We cannot start the process until the application is complete and without a conversation with him it is still incomplete."

"Certainly, you could hold Marshal for us until all this can be settled. We will go ahead and pay all the fees."

Alexa sympathetically replied, "No, if an animal is not adopted we cannot put a "hold" on it. That is a very strict policy of ours."

This is when my DH went into his most charming southern gentleman self. "Alexa, you know we are going to give Marshal an excellent home. You know we have a good long history with dogs. It is a holiday weekend,  can't you make an exception?"

"I wish I could. but only my manager can do that." 

My DH said," And . . .

Then she smiled and said,"I'll go talk to her but as far as I know this has never been done."

At that moment dread poured over me. I turned to my DH, "I just remembered, Alex is getting married this weekend. That is why no one can reach him. He may very well have his phone off."

Meanwhile another counselor had brought Marshall back into the room with us. I would not have been surprised for my DH to stick the dog under his coat and escape out the  front door. No doubt his main reason for not doing so - his fear I would foil his plan. 

In about 10 minutes, Alexa came back in the room and sat down. "OK, here is what we are going to do. My manager has agreed to go through with all the paperwork, so Marshal will be yours. Now the one condition is that we have to have spoken with your landlord, she said looking at me (my DH had this look on his face - Don't look at me, I live in the house we own.) by the time you come and pick up the dog on Monday.

We agreed that was no problem (I prayed there was no international honeymoon involved) and we proceeded with the final paperwork. We left relieved that the search was over and we were thrilled with the results.

Traffic was horrible and about 30 minutes down the road I received a text. I looked at it, it was from Alex.

Stay tuned, Does Alex evict me? Does he forget his pet policy? He does allow pets right?

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