Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wait, Do I Even know My Pet Policy?

In the last installment I had just received a text from my landlord.


Through this whole process, one thing was heavy on my mind. I could not remember if the pet policy in my lease limited me to one pet. If so, my DH was going to kill me before this was over with - and I deserved it. 

Here are the texts that followed between Alex and me

got 3 calls from animal adpt
about you adopting a dog, I was
not available, attempted 
to call back twice - could not
get an answer, can I email them?

I am so sorry to bother you
but I am trying to adopt a small
older dog and they need to
talk with you about pet policy
what # did they give you

803-555-5555, i am going to be available 
for about an hour if they can call now

Alex, thank you, thank you
you are my hero, I realize this is
a pain but it is their process
i'll make sure  they call you asap

not a problem

At this point I look and the phone number they have given him is the same phone number I have. I try to call it and get this convoluted menu that only throws you to different voice mails. There is no way to reach a live person. 

By this time my DH has turned the car around and is headed back to the shelter. "I think we can get there in time to tell them in person they need to call him NOW."

A few minutes later, I had an idea, I texted Alex

If they are so hard to get a hold of
just call that #, go to the adoption 
option and tell them who you
are, who I am, you are my llord 
and your pet policy, that should 
be "oral" enough 
Great idea, will do

We got back to the shelter and I ran inside. By my watch we had 5 minutes left in our window. I had not addressed the "wedding" issue in my texts to Alex. I thought in this case, ignorance was a better course to take.

I got to the desk and found the lady who called all the landlords and told her who I was. Alexa walked up and I explained the situation to her. In meantime the "caller" lady was standing with her back to me not doing anything. As politely as I could, I said, "Mam, we only have a 4 minute window here to reach him. Can you please call him now?"

"I will as soon as I can find your file."

I politely asked if the file (with my name on it) she was holding might be it. Then she finally made the call. Alex must have answered on the first ring. She had 10 questions she had to ask. Once again I got anxious that there was a single pet policy. There was not because the lady got off the phone, smiled and said, "No problem. He is perfectly OK with pets and seems his building is safe."

I thanked her and walked out to the car. My phone buzzed with a text. It was Alex.

They just called, should be OK
Alex you have no idea how much
I appreciate your going through all
this just so I could adopt this dog
I really owe you big time

Don't worry, my fiancee does all
the publicity work for the main shelter
in Charleston, she would not have
been happy if I had not, besides I
love dogs

Thanks so much again, enjoy 
your weekend

So all the stress was over with, I had a pup (well I would by Monday). My DH and I had decided that I would leave Ellie with him. That way when he brought Marshall home there would be 3 dogs there and Ellie would think he was just another dog being added to the pack. She would not realize this one was going home with her until the end of the week. Hopefully by then she would have decided he was acceptable (and trainable). After all, as a good friend told me, Ellie needed a minion.

The saga continues. . . Does Marshall make it to our home? Does Ellie revolt? 

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