Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Can't They be Friends

It started with a few barks at neighbors as they came home. The hard wood floors in the hall were always noisy and steps can always be heard going up the wooden stairway. Marshall noisily noted each one. Then he just started barking. And he continued for a while. Finally I realized this had nothing to do with noises. I went to the den, turned on the light, and looked at him. He wanted out. Normally I would never let a dog out of a crate at night - this breaks training. But then normally I did not fear eviction.

So I opened the door. Marshall tore past me and ran into the bedroom. As I followed him, he begged to get on the bed. I put him on the bed and turned out the light. If looks could kill, I'm not sure who Ellie would have targeted first - me or Marshall.

Ellie had moved to the side of the bed to see what the ruckus was. When I climbed in and pulled up the covers, Marshall quickly lay down beside me and snuggled up - in Ellie's spot. She was not a happy camper. With a huff she moved down to the end of the bed and slept facing away from me. We did not hear another peep from him. Now I just need to figure out sleeping arrangements to prevent Marshall from accidently (on purpose) "falling" off the bed in the middle of the night and getting hurt. 

Sunday morning, Marshall, Ellie (the curmudgeon), and I awoke as usual at 5:30. Ellie, the alarm clock, is always punctual. As I dressed in something extremely warm (it was 28 degrees outside), Ellie stretched. Marshall bounced around, totally unaware that his every move just annoyed Ellie even more. I leashed Ellie and went for her morning constitutional. 

When we returned I put Marshall's jacket on him - poor thing is so thin, you can feel all his ribs, he would freeze in this weather without something on, and off we went. Naturally, we left Ellie, whining in the apartment. I can hear her down the street as I walk Marshall Great! 6am on Sunday and I have a whining dog, how long will it take for the neighbors to complain?

At this point it is hard to remember that the point of getting Marshall was to give Ellie a pal to keep her company. I was trying to cheer her up. So far I have gone from a quiet sane existence to often total chaos. One very active and affectionate pup and one sulking dog who is patiently waiting for someone to come retrieve him. In Ellie's mind this is either someones mistake or a sick joke.

Of course everyone keeps telling me, "They will get along, give them time." "They will bond." But this is easy for everyone else to say. Yes, this is probably true. I did not expect love at first sight, but I hoped for at least some "like" after a few days.

Marshall's tale continues . . . stay tuned

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