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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Attractive Nuisance

Before I moved to Charleston I spent time gathering furniture from our different storage places for my apartment. One thing I almost forgot about were two very nice Chinese rugs we had in the attic that we had not laid eyes on for more than twenty years.

One (as best I remembered) had colors that would compliment my planned decor. When we pulled it down and rolled it out, naturally it was wrinkled and stained. My DH, being the ultimate resource hunter, found a company that would be able to salvage the rug. Naturally it would take some time.

In the mean time, I moved to Charleston, got settled, brought Ellie down, started my job, and realized Ellie was lonely.  After our search we found Marshall, my sweet, adorable, playful 18 month old some kind of terrier. Marshal can sit, stay, and crate on demand. He loves playing fetch. But more than anything he loves destroying toys. Before he came down here, he went through all the toys and managed to shred all  the balls, animals, and play things our other dogs had played with for years.

So when he came to Charleston, my DH sent with him several "Totally Guaranteed" indestructible dog toys. One made it less than 24 hours. The second one he tortured for a week before I declared it destroyed. The carcasses were returned to the manufacture for a refund given their guarantee. I managed to find one "indestructible" bone that slowed him down for a while. His (and Ellie's) collars and harnesses did not escape his teeth, so I found myself ordering new harnesses and collars.

One morning I awoke to find a small hole in the middle of my bedspread. Seriously? The middle of the bedspread? Marshall, dear God, for what reason?

Currently the pups are with him, because I had company this past weekend. My DH called to give me an update on the rug. I expressed my concern about having  the rug in my apartment given Marshall's penchant for chewing. After some discussion my DH said he would have the restoration company sew the fringe under the edge of the rug so he would not be tempted to gnaw on it.

I explained the little incident with hole in the middle of the bedspread. He was very excited to tell me he had found a new "No Chew" solution. He had dipped Ellie and Marshall's collars and harnesses in it and Marshall had shown no interest in chewing on them for several days since the application. This was good news. My DH said that he was pretty sure that this "little" issue was taken care of.

Then yesterday my DH sent me a text to tell me that the rug would not be ready for another week or two. That was the good news. The "other" news was that Marshall had chewed through both his and Ellie's harnesses the night before. The potion must have lost its magic spell. 

When I got home from work I found an Amazon box containing super strong chew proof indestructible dog toys. Round four, here we go. Wonder how many days these will last? And he only weighs 11 lbs! I called my DH to tell him that the toys had been delivered and to once again express my concern about the rug.

His response,"I just don't think it is going to be a problem. What would interest him in a 8x10 flat wool rug?"

"Maybe the same mysterious thing that piqued his interest in the towels on the bath shelf, the tubes of lotion in the basket, my shoes, all the various toys he destroyed, or the area in the middle of my bedspread where he felt he must open up immediately."

"I still think this will be different."

After we ended the conversation I looked at the box of new "indestructible" toys. This rug was just going to be an attractive nuisance to Marshall. But I have given my DH fair warning.

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