Sunday, February 7, 2016

Brawl in the Hallway

Wednesday night I was on the phone with my DH. The pups were sitting by the front door listening to folks coming and going. They often stand sentry as hall monitors behind the door. Suddenly my front door burst open, there was a loud ruckus of claws and paws on hard wood, yelps and barks, and before I could say anything, both of my pups were out the door. I quickly told my DH, "I've got to go," and threw the phone down.

By the time I got to the door, I saw that Winston, my neighbor's 75 pound Wire Haired German Pointer "puppy" was wrestling in the hall with little 11 pound Marshall. Ellie was no where to be seen. I wasn't worried about her being out of the building because there is a secured door to the outside from the hall. And I felt certain at 10 inches tall she could not reach the door release button. 

Winston's owner was trying to get a hold on him. I was trying to pull Marshall away, who had no intention of giving up. They were not fighting, just having a large loud time in the middle of the hallway.

In the mean time, other neighbors were opening their doors to see what the ruckus was about. Talk about a way to meet the neighbors! Finally Marshall broke loose and ran into Winston's apartment. I ran in trying to scoop him up. By this time Winston was under control, I had captured Marshall, but Ellie was no where to be seen.  

Finally another neighbor produced her. Seemed she has decided to check their bedroom out - she always has been the curious sort. I don't know (nor I was going to ask) what she was doing in there. I apologized for Ellie's trespassing and rude behavior. Thank goodness, the neighbor took it all in good fun.

I was able to hold onto Marshall and get Ellie to move on down the hall back to my place.

Apparently, Winston had been in the hall, had heard my pups, got excited, and bounded up against the door which, obviously, was not latched. At that point the chaos ensued. As I made my way back to my apartment another neighbor came in the building bringing her 5 pound Yorkie. Marshall started up again. She laughed and said, "Marshall, you're just looking for trouble."

I just smiled opened my door and said, "You have no idea."

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