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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chaotic Constitutionals

Where ever Marshall was in his former life, someone walked him on a leash because he knows what he is doing when I take out. Basically, he is a smart little pup. I finally got up enough nerve to take both dogs out together on our daily constitutionals (walks). Now take into account I live only one block off one of the main streets in Charleston - Meeting Street. In the mornings and around 5-6 in the afternoon there is a lot of traffic. This did not bother the pups - it terrified me.

Naturally they are not coordinated nor are they choreographed. I try to be patient. Ellie will take her time with her nose down on the ground as if she is tracking something. Meanwhile Marshall will be bouncing along trying to check out someone's fence, porch, or trash can. Either Ellie has to be stopped while I urge Marshall along or Ellie has to reminded we are moving when she is paying too much attention to something and holding up the parade.  The entire walk is this give and take. Well, then there are parts when I feel as if I am the musher on a dog sled when both will take off at a fairly swift speed. Then it is all I can do not to run as they pull me along. 

Marshall is famous for crossing back and forth in front of me, and in the process going around Ellie's leash. I feel certain the sight of me trying to untangle the leashes without letting go of either dog on the sidewalk is quite amusing. Ellie expects acknowledgement from everyone we pass and Marshall just wants them to pick him up. 

They were both being neighborly until the first bicycle passed. For some reason Marshall decided the bike and its rider were the enemy and must be taken down. Then I just hold on to him for dear life. Ellie just sat there nonchalantly.

After reeling him in after several bicycle sightings, I realized he wasn't backing down. One afternoon, we were turning the corner by my apartment. We had survived another walk. Then Marshall started up, barking and pulling on his leash. Sure enough here came a bicycle up the street. As he passed, I apologized and assured the rider he was harmless. The older man laughed,"It's always the little ones causing the trouble, isn't it?"

I laughed and agreed. Naturally by that time Marshall had stopped barking but I looked down to see that I was standing there with the leashes tangled around my ankles. Marshall was looking suspiciously at the kid coming up the street on a skateboard. Ellie was sitting at my feet looking at me as if to say,"Seriously?"

I'm sure if I am walking them or they are walking me.

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