Monday, February 8, 2016

Flown the Coup

Sadly, I am out of the bird business. All my beautiful finches are gone.

When I relocated to Charleston I knew I was not going to be able to take my finches or my orchids. I had hoped my DH would take care of the finches, after all what are a few finches among the flying squirrels, prairie dogs, and an Airedale or two that also called our house home.

However he knew better than to bite that off. I was meticulous about the cage being cleaned top to bottom, inside out every week, including every dish, plate, bowl, and bath removed and washed. He was used to having tortoises that lived outside so there was no "cage" to clean. In the winter, every week or so, you just hosed down the barn. He had little patience. Cleaning all the tight places, spaces, and accouterments would drive him nuts.

That did not stop him from constantly pulling out his tape measure in my apartment and showing me places the cage would fit. Personally, I had issues that doing without my sofa or that my guests would get to awake to a personal choral presentation every morning coming from the cage he pointed out would fit nicely in the guest bedroom. And, yes it would "fit" over on the far wall, however I was not willing to do without a dining table.

So the birds had to go, but where? I contacted the few friends I knew who had finches. I knew local stores did not want them, knowing what I went through to place my 5 Ruby Cut Throat chicks. Given I was tied up with a move, a new job, not to mention getting back into the workplace after a 2 year sabbatical, finding 15 finches a new home (when they were being taken care of for now) was not at the top of my list. But, every time things were not going swimmingly at home, the fate of the finches was mentioned.

So finally I placed an ad on Craigslist. Since the ads I had placed on the Columbia and Charleston Craigs List for my chicks six months or so ago, accomplished nothing, I figured this would do no more than show my DH that I was making some effort. Besides, I did not want to get rid of the birds. I enjoyed having them and missed them. But I did not have time for them now.

The ad went live at 7:32 pm on Feb 1. At 8:45 pm I had a call from a man who wanted to purchase them all. He had inside and outside aviaries and lived only 2 hours away. He was even willing to give me a credit card number right then - which I assured him was not necessary.

I awoke the next morning to find a text from a woman wanting my email so she could Paypal me the money and asking me to call her to make delivery arrangements. The emails, calls, and texts continued all day. But, the birds were going to the first man who called me.

When I called him back to set-up the arrangements, I asked if he were a dealer or a hobbyist. I learned he was a 60 year old man who had many finches and had had them for years - just a hobbyist. He said he had plenty of room for mine. I felt better after I talked to him. At least it sounded as if my birds were going to a good home.

My DH, bless his heart, volunteered to deliver the birds for me. Personally I think he was curious to see who this 60 year old man was who "had many finches" and room for more. When he returned, he called and let me know that yes, the man had had many finches. He had over 300, of all kinds in walk-in aviaries in his home and in his yard.

I thanked him profusely for taking the birds and told him I would be home the following weekend to clean and store the cage. His comment, "What about the orchids? Remember, you have two greenhouses of orchids. What do you plan to do with them?"

Clearly this man needs a hobby. He has way too much time worrying about my issues. Maybe he should try collecting stamps or coins or painting. Better than that, he could start growing orchids. I could set him real fast.

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