Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So What If I am Dimly Lit?

I am a firm believer in a true liberal arts education, one that exposes a young mind to everything from art history to philosophy, math, science, literature, foreign languages, literature, Greek and Roman history, and the like. The idea being one can think and is broad minded. Even though I did not finish at the top of my class, or even anywhere close to the top of my class, I did graduate from a good liberal arts college with a BA in English Lit.

All that said, I am still challenged in certain ways. One of those ways being batteries - yes, EveryReady, RayoVac, DuraCell and the like.

When we were setting up the new TV when I moved in I was having issues with the remote. I could not get it to work. My DH asked me if I had put the batteries in it. Of course the batteries were in it. We fiddled with the settings on the TV, the power cords - nothing seemed to work. Finally, my DH opened the back of the remote, removed the batteries and looked at me, "Seriously? You put them in backwards. You realize the positive end," he pointed to the plus sign, "goes here. And the negative end goes here."

Like a scolded five year old, I shook my head, thanked him, and accepted the remote from him that was now fully functioning.

Several weeks later, I needed lights underneath the cabinets above my sink. We found some wireless puck lights that were easy to install, ideal for the job in Costco. When we brought them home, my DH opened the pack, handed the lights and the batteries to me, and showed me how each light opened to install the batteries. "You know how to do this, right?"

He went on to another project. I carefully took the first puck , opened the back. It was clear that the two batteries went in with the positive ends going the same way - which I found odd - but that was how the signs were etched in the case. I installed the batteries and closed the back. When I used the remote to turn the light on it would not work. I opened the light again, removed the battery and checked the markings on the case. They were in just as they should be. I closed it.

Once again, it still would not work. So I removed the batteries and reversed them, then switched them. I tried every combination, to no avail. I put the batteries in the remaining 5 lights and still none would light up. I finally took one of the lights and the remote to my DH and explained the situation. Naturally, his first question was, "Are you sure you got the batteries in right?"

He opened the light and looked at the batteries. He closed the light and tried the remote. Nothing happened. Then he opened the light again and looked at me. "You realize this takes 3 batteries, not just two?"

"Where does the 3rd battery go?" He showed me where the third battery rested atop the other two on a thin plastic bar. "Did you see that when you first opened it?" I asked.

"No, but it was obvious something was wrong. And, after all it involved you and batteries."

I took the light and the remote back into the living room. "Huh", I thought, "So that is what those extra 6 batteries were for?"

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